Deep tissue massage 
30 minutes $45 
60 minutes $85 
90 minutes $115

Deep Tissue Massage is a technique designed to reduce muscle pain and tension throughout the body. Massage procedures reach the deeper layers of muscles tissue and will help release adhesions, knots, and tightness. For many, the benefits of deep tissue massage include decreased muscle tension and pain, as well as increased mobility.  Another benefit of deep tissue massage can be a shortened recovery period after an injury. Injuries could range from sports injuries to repetitive use and stress injuries to everyday mishaps. 

Relaxation massage

30 minutes $45
60 minutes $85
90 minutes $115

Relaxation Massage is designed to transport your body and mind to a peaceful, calm state while soothing away the effects  of stress and improving overall well-being. Effleurage massage strokes glide over the skin in smooth, continuous motions while calming the nervous system and improving blood and lymphatic flow. Petrissage procedures gently lift and knead muscles to soften and ease tension while further improving blood and lymphatic flow. Enhancing the body's regular flow of blood and lymphatic fluids will aid in the body's natural ability to eliminate toxic buildup.

Hot Stone Therapy
60 Minutes $105
90 Minutes.$135
Hot stone therapy is a deeply relaxing experience. The warmth from the smooth stones penetrates deeply into muscle tissue prompting deep relaxation, relief of tension, and increased blood flow. All of these actions will help the body's natural method of detoxification. Stress will melt away as the warm stones are used in combination with a full body massage.
Myofascial release massage

30 minutes $60
60 minutes $110
90 minutes $ 150

Myofascial Release Massage technique, founded by Howard Rontal, will reduce chronic and acute stress tension and pain and increase your ease and range of motion. Frequently, clients experience immediate relief from nagging symptoms. This therapy has also been helpful for athletes during rehabilitation along with pre-and post sporting events. Other uses include recovery from injuries and pre-and post surgery therapy.

  The myofascial release massage works on the fascia in the body. Fascia surrounds every muscle and every muscle fiber in the body. When fascia becomes shortened due to injury, repetitive use, inactivity or illness or disease, it restricts muscle and joint movement. This can become very painful. Lengthening the affected fascia often reduces pain and stiffness and the associated stress.



Regular massage sessions will help improve sleep, concentration, patience, resistance to illness and increase energy!