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It just doesn’t get any better than helping people live a more relaxed and pain-free life! “  says Lizzie Landmann, who’s goal is to provide the best massage for each one of her clients. 

Lizzie loves adding new massage and wellness techniques to her skill set in order to be the best massage therapist she can be. Lizzie uses relaxation, deep tissue, and myofascial massage techniques and is certified in cupping and finding the root cause of pain or restriction is her priority in providing a successful massage.

Lizzie graduated from The College of southern Maryland with an Associates degree in massage therapy in 2016 and is currently a part-time instructor in the massage therapy program at the college

Lizzie Landmann LMT 

  •  Relaxation Massage

  •  Deep Tissue Massage

  •  Therapeutic Massage


Do you have...

A stressful commute, job or lifestyle?

Neck and shoulder pain or stiffness?

Back pain?

Would you like to...

Reduce anxiety, feel calm and relaxed?

Reduce pain naturally?

Increase flexibility?

Sleep better?


If you answered yes to any of these questions click below to schedule an appointment with Lizzie

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