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Facial Treatments



All of our facials and facial/massage combination sessions begin with an aromatherapy foot soak and Aveda‘s beautifying salt foot polish. Massage and warm steam towels are also included in every session. The amount of massage integrated will depend on the length of session and your needs for that day.

Stress is a key factor in aging and disregulation of hormones which can lead to skin problems. It is therefore important to maximize relaxation during these sessions to enhance the rejuvenation of your skin, body, and mind.

To schedule any of the following facial treatments select “ Custom Aveda Facial,” and the desired length of session.
On the day of your appointment your aesthetician will consult with you, and together, will select the best treatment for your needs.

35-minute custom Aveda facial

75-minute custom Aveda facial

1hr 40 minute custom Aveda facial/ massage

Therapeutic Facial

This session begins with an aromatherapy foot soak and Aveda beautifying salt polish. Aveda plant-based products are used to cleanse and purify, tone and treat, hydrate, and protect your skin.
Here are the benefits:
◦ Promotes detoxification
◦ Reduces puffiness and doc circles under the eyes
◦ Eliminates signs of fatigue improve circulation of blood and lymph
◦ Increases oxygen supply
This Facial has a sedative and relaxing effect which is perfect for those suffering from stress, and anxiety.

Acne Facial with Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Reduce redness and irritation, minimize and calm breakouts from acne with this treatment.
A specialized line of skincare is used to treat the problems that contribute to acne breakouts. Deep cleansing will help clear the skin without overdrying and irritating your skin.

Skin Resurfacing Facial

This treatment uses botanical products containing tourmaline which is one of nature's most energizing minerals to smooth skin texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and diminish pore size while significantly increasing radiance.

Perfecting Plant Peel

This facial treatment will smooth and retexture your skin with instant exfoliation and radiance. This treatment warms the skin with a two-step process to open the pores and remove old dry skin cells. It has the same benefits as a 30% glycolic peel without the associated redness and irritation. A silky, nourishing mask is then massaged into the face and neck to further soften and rejuvenate your skin.

These facial treatments are a fabulous gift for yourself and others!

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